TK and Kindergarten


New Hope Christian Schools serves TK and Kindergarten students.  At New Hope, we exceed state and national standards by providing a higher level of learning and content; our standards aim for higher and broader goals, considering the state standards and national standards to be a minimum.  Our qualified credentialed Christian faculty and staff at New Hope Academy are committed to excellence.  They lead, instruct, and serve our students and families with passion, integrity, and character.  In addition, our faculty and staff possess a genuine love for your child, and count it the highest honor to impart into their lives on a daily basis.

ACSI Members

New Hope Christian Schools are members of The Association of Christian Schools International.  We are dedicated to continually keeping a high-level of teaching excellence. 

Class Size

New Hope Christian Schools class sizes will continue to remain much smaller than any other private or public school.   Our projected 2015-2016 maximums will be 18 students in TK and Kindergarten. 

Tuition Costs

New Hope Christian Schools tuition rates remain the most affordable in the area, whilst continuing to provide the outstanding quality education that you have come to expect for your scholar.  Families may apply for flexible payment plans available upon request.


New Hope Christian Schools implements the A Beka Book Curriculum.  Materials and methods are well-organized, highly efficient, interesting, and challenging.  Our teacher’s methods are not building on sand; they are building on the firm foundation of the Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Students have access to our STEAM experience and are able to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.  Teachers introduce STEAM lessons that build interest, promote excitement and foster problem solving, creative thinking at all levels.


New Hope offers a technology program with computers in all classrooms and an iPad program.  Students are taught to use technology as an academic tool.  Students learn at different paces and through different learning styles. It is particularly important during these formative years in elementary school, that students get the personalized learning they deserve.  Teachers at New Hope Christian Schools reinforce concepts being taught with the advantage of iPads and computers; allowing students to practice skills and methodologies tailored to their own level and pace.


New Hope Christian Schools students attend a weekly music class to learn about different composers, their musical style, biographical information and even recognize some of their famous works.  Students also receive instrument demonstrations of over 20 different instruments, which they could recognize and identify.  Students learn about musical notation and perform several musicals throughout the year.


Chapel is a very special time of celebration and worship at New Hope.  Once a week, our students come together to sing a wide range of songs which include fun kids' songs, modern contemporary worship songs, a variety of patriotic songs, and even a fun up-beat traditional hymn each week.  Our students lead us in salutes to the flags and the Bible, while our teachers and guest speakers present a meaningful lesson in a simple way that is easy to understand. Our goal is for every child to not only love gathering together to worship, but to come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

Extra Curricular

New Hope Christian Schools offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to our students.  Programs such as guitar, drama, “All the Arts”, soccer, gymnastics and many more, present our students interactive skills such as confidence, respect, honesty, and teamwork.